Monday, April 28, 2008

Small but Pretty

We transferred one 4-celled embryo this morning. 6 or 8 cells is what's typical for a 3dt, but my RE assures me that he has definitely seen successful pregnancies from 4-celled embryos.  I'm hanging my hat on that.  My embryo probably just didn't like the lab and will start dividing like crazy now that it's back home in me.  It's just a late-bloomer who's homesick.

Even though it's small, it sure is pretty.  My clinic grades embryos using 2 numbers.  The first describes the number of cells at the time of transfer and the second number describes how even the cells are and how much or little fragmentation is present. Three is the highest grade possible and that's what mine got.  It had little to no fragmentation and the cells were all about the same size and shape. It's a looker, alright.  

All in all, putting both measures together, the RE said he would call my embryo "Average."  In the past, my overachieving self would have bristled at that word, but no longer.  At this point, I'll take average.  Average is just fine with me.  Considering there was talk of canceling this cycle, average is beautiful.  


Anonymous said...

That's good news. Hopefully the little embryo finds his/her new home inviting enough to stay for a long, long time.

F/Xed that the embie sticks!

Lost in Space said...

Average, my ass!! You have one hell of an overachiever there and I hope he/she is burrowing in nicely. I am so happy for you. Everything crossed.

Polly Gamwich said...

What awesome news - as my RE always tells me - "it only takes one!"

Looking forward to two lines real soon!!


Freyja said...


passingwindows said...

That is good news, I'm glad to hear you had the transfer and I'm going with your feeling that the embryo was just homesick and will now do fabulously that it is back in its rightful place. Crossing fingers hard.