Saturday, April 26, 2008

We're batting a thousand!

Our one egg fertilized so we have one embryo at the moment. I'm scheduled for a transfer on Monday morning. My clinic will call tomorrow with an update on the embryo quality. That is my next worry, but for now I'm trying really hard to enjoy the possibility that this might possibly work. I know the chances are tiny with one embie, but it's better than what could have happened. One day at a time, that's my new motto.


Lost in Space said...

You have a fighter on your hands. I am so happy to see your "one good egg" fertilized!! One step at a time. Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way for a great quality embryo!

Barb said...


Anonymous said...

I'm jumping up and down with excitement for you. I've got everything that is crossable crossed.

Praying that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and your little embryo sticks AND stays stuck!!