Sunday, July 25, 2010


I know it's been too long since I've posted.  I guess my reluctance to write a new post has much to do with that I feel we're at a standstill.  There's not much new to share. I'm still totally in love with my son.  He's still the most amazing little boy I've ever met.  And. . .we're still waiting for a finalization date.  So far the timeline has moved from finalizing in June, to finalizing in July, to possibly finalizing in August, to likely finalizing in September. 

What's the hold up you ask?  Sadly, the hold up is the choice of L's adoption worker (yes, the one we love/loved?).  She's been holding off on submitting L's paperwork until the family of his older brother, P, gets a court date.  Which DH and I were fine with because P has been with them for going on three years and they went through a lot more ups and downs than we did. That is we were fine with it until just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong with P's case.  Paperwork was lost.  Lawyers were reassigned.  Some steps took many, many times longer than they should have.  Their paperwork was submitted in March and they still don't have a date.  Despite that the process has taken months longer for P's family than it should have, L's adoption worker is convinced it will only be a matter of weeks after the process is started for L until we hear about a court date. However, after much pleading and a tiny bit of harassment on our part, she has finally decided to begin the process for L.  

So now we wait.  Some more.  Again.  Still.