Sunday, May 4, 2008

I've been tagged

Thanks Lizzybo for tagging me.  I totally needed this distraction.  Thinking about God and stuffing my face are just not doing it for me during this 2ww. Here goes:

4 Things I Did 10 Years Ago (1998) 
1. I was living in Pawtucket, RI.  I had just moved from an apartment in a run-down Victorian to a real, grown-up apartment above a law office.  My former landlord was pissed that I'd left.  He said I didn't give him a chance to convince me to stay.  I'd only been asking him to fix the hallway light, the door, the sink, etc. for 3 years.  It probably didn't make him feel better that m new apartment was right across the street from my old one.  It was an easy move.  
2. I was in the first year of my Master's Program in Special Needs. I went one to two weekends a month for almost 2 years.  I actually loved it.  It felt good to be doing academic work again.
3. In 1998, I went to Ireland with one of my best friends, M.  M. was born in the Azores and had never been back to Europe since she came to the US when she was 2 years old.  She and I both have the same nerdy interest in history and culture so we had a blast together.  
4. I still had my good boy Monty, my 20 lb. cat.  He was just a huge cuddle bug. We had to have him put to sleep last September and I miss him.

4 Things I Did 5 Years Ago (2003) 
1. I was preparing to become an auntie.  My younger sister was pregnant with my niece, Erin.  She was born in December 2003.
2.  In November of that year, I met my DH at a mutual friend's wedding.  He was the smart ass sitting next to me.  He was to shy to ask for my number so I had to wait for my friend to come back from her honeymoon to hook us up.  We had out first date the night before my niece was born.  He was so nervous he did two shots of Jack Daniels before I got to the restaurant.  He didn't seem nervous to me-----'cause he was drunk.  
3.  I found a lump in my breast.  I had a scary few weeks of biopsies and worrying.  My mom had breast cancer at 47 so it wasn't baseless worry.  Luckily, it turned out to be a benign tumor, but I go for regular mammograms now as a result.  
4.  I passed up the chance to get a mini-season package to the Red Sox.  My friend, K, and I had been going for years.  We always bought a handful of single game tickets.  We decided not to buy a package because we couldn't both make all the games.  The next year they won the World Series and tickets are now impossible to get.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  

4 Things I Did Yesterday 
1. I spoke with M. (my companion to Ireland in 1998) about her pregnancy.  I was actually able to hold it together while she talked about symptoms, sharing the news with her family, her worries, her excitement about her upcoming u/s.  I see it as a testament to our long friendship that I didn't even cry after we hung up.  I am truly happy for her and I know she's rooting for me. 
2. I played with my nieces. Erin is now 4 and her little sister is 2 1/2.  We pretended to go to sleep, wake up, and walk to school over and over and over and over again.  Until Erin got a hold of her dad's deodorant and wiped it all over her arms and her knees.  Why her knees?  I have no idea. She reeked of manly deodorant smell. Then I helped my sister give her a bath.  We threw her sister in the tub for good measure. 
3. DH and I went for fried clams in Maine.  It's not really far at all.  They were goooood.  One of my favorite things about living near the coast in the summer is the seafood, especially the clams.  Yum!  
4. I made cookies when we got home.  Yes, we ate fried clams and I still baked cookies.  Like I said, stuffing my face is a favorite 2ww distraction.   

4 Shows I Love to Watch 
1. Adoption Stories
2. Top Chef
3. Barefoot Contessa
4. Dogtown

4 Things That Make Me Happy 
1. My DH-He can make me laugh even at my grumpiest.
2. My family-I don't know how I would make it through my life without them.  They are always looking out for me.
3. My pets-How can 2 goofy, slobbery, cuddly bulldogs and one neurotic cat with a heart of gold not make me smile?
4. Wh.ol.e F.oo.ds-I love going in that store lately.  There's just so much possibility.  I would sleep there if they would let me.  

Apparently I now have to tag 4 people, but I need to think about who would enjoy doing this.  I'll have to add on to this post later.  

ETA: I've tagged Allison  and Brenda but only if they want to play of course.  I can't think of two more blog friends who haven't been tagged and who might like this.  I'll keep thinking.  


Lost in Space said...

Karen, I loved reading more about your "past life". (: I have a couple of friends that would razz you pretty hard about those Sox tickets. I love your first date with your "drunk" DH and your niece putting deodorant on her knees - made me LOL.

I know I've asked you about your Bulldogs in the past. My DH has picked out a breeder and just needs to convince me now that 3 large dogs is not too much. Not likely. (:

Barb said...

Whole Foods... mmmmm.

I hate that you were a loyal Red Sox fan before, and now that it's "Popular" to like them, people who didn't go to games at all are making it difficult for you to get tickets. UGH.

Love the deodorant story.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I really miss you and the email I have for you isn't working. Let's catch up--I've had a long year too...