Thursday, March 6, 2008

My heart hurts. . .

I just found out that an internet friend of mine  lost her baby boy in utero at 35 weeks 5 days.  I am so sad for her and for her husband.  I can only begin to imagine the grief and heartache they are feeling at this moment.  Natalie was one of the first in our group to do IVF.  I remember following her cycles with excitement and anticipation.  She got pregnant on IVF#2 with a little miracle embryo.  It was the only embryo she had from that cycle and it was such a wonderful surprise when the little embryo that could implanted and became her little boy, Devin.  

I don't know how anyone recovers from a loss like this.  It's just so sad and incredibly unfair. Please keep Natalie, her husband, and her baby boy in your thoughts.  

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Freyja said...

"I don't know how anyone recovers from a loss like this."

That's what I keep thinking about too. How do you just not loose the will to live after this? Every time I think about it my eyes get watery. So sad.