Wednesday, March 12, 2008

100 Hits

DH and I hadn't heard anything since we sent in our application about a month ago to adopt through the state. DH had called last week and left a message for the social worker just to make sure she got the application. I was worried that this was a sign of things to come. Our social worker finally called back today.

It turns out that when she entered DH's name in the children's services database they got about 100 hits on abuse or neglect cases connected to his name. Her supervisor had to open the file for each case that came up. After reading a few cases they figured out that, as a police officer, he's a mandated reporter and has filed a ton of Suspicion of Child Abuse complaints in his 15 years or so on the job. Even so, they needed to go through every case to make sure of his role in it. She was laughing when she told him about it today. I guess our case is the office laugh right now. Hey, at least she won't forget our names. It will be a few more weeks before we can schedule a home visit because they have to finish the background check now that they know he's not a serial child abuser.

In the meantime, she was really positive about our application. It turns out that she was married to a cop (from whom she's divoreced, but doesn't hate) and she's very down to earth. DH was joking with her about her white glove inspection and told her I'm going to be baking her a cake (I had heard that you should bake cookies before your home visit to make your house smell homey). She said she's coming to sit down with us to talk and doesn't "give a crap" if our house is white-glove-ready. That's my kind of girl. I'm feeling better about the whole process today.

Oh, and AF came today so I'll be starting lupron in 19 days. Woohoo!


Freyja said...

Wow that is a lot to digest. Does this make you feel more anxious or relaxed? It seems like between the adoption route and IVF you must be teeming with anticipation?

Daisy said...

That is crazy! Congrats on your progress! I'll be keeping up with you.

Lost in Space said...

So much going on for you. Best of luck on both accounts. There will definitely be a baby in your arms soon.

WaterBishop said...

Good luck. So much going on. I hope you get through it all with as little anxiety as possible. Very exciting too.