Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One more thing to be grateful for

We heard from DSS today and a social worker has been assigned to our case. He's the same worker who came to our home to do our preMAPP interview. He was also one of our MAPP trainers, so we know him quite well. We scheduled our first homestudy visit and interview for Wednesday, December 3. For this interview it will be just me. He needs to do individual interviews with each of us and then he'll schedule a visit with both of us together. The visit on December 3 will last about 90 minutes to 2 hours. That tidbit of information threw me a little bit because I can't imagine talking to this man for that length of time, but shoot, I'll talk to anyone for 2 hours if it gets me closer to being a mom.

I am very excited and a little nervous. I'm especially nervous about our dogs. I love them, but they are overly exuberant and very slobbery. They settle down quickly, but I'm afraid the initial reaction might be a little overwhelming. Last time, they "greeted" our social worker and then we put them out on the deck, where they happily sunbathed for the entire time. I don't think putting our dogs on the deck in December is the best way to sell ourselves as responsible potential parents. I'm hoping a long walk before the worker arrives and some kongs filled with peanut butter will do the trick. Any tips?


Anonymous said...

Your dogs will probably be 100% well behaved and not a problem at all. But if it were me, I'd be nervous about the interview process anyway and I just wouldn't want to have to worry about one more thing. Maybe you could have a neighbor look after them for a few hours, that way you can make sure you give the person 100% your undivided attention.

I know it will go great. Any child would be soooo lucky to have you for a mom, and I know it will shine through in your interview.

Congratulations on being one step closer!!! Woo Hoo!

Mrslady1975 said...

Kongs with frozen peanut butter are the best dog treats ever. I think the walk and kong idea will work but remember if you are overly anxious your furbabies will sense that.

I really hope your homestudies move fast and you are able to get through them with no stress. I am so very happy to read your update and can't wait to you post your are going to become a mom. I will keep you and DH in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wendy said...

If you are having your individual interview, could your husband take the dogs for a car ride or a trip to a family member's house? I agree with Cindy; I would want one less thing to worry about!

I'm excited for you. Our individual interviews were about an hour long. I think mine was a bit over an hour. It went pretty quickly - I was surprised. He will probably ask you about your childhood, your family, your education, your jobs, and your relationship. You'll do fine.


Me said...

I don't have dogs so I can't help you. But next time I come to MA I want to meet them!!!

Lost in Space said...

How exciting to be one step closer. I love following along your progress!!

As for the dogs, I agree with the long walk to wear them out a bit and kongs are always a good distraction. If hubby is going to be home, could he take them (with kongs) to another room. If he isn't, would they do alright in a bedroom or somewhere out of the way. After they greet him, you could tell him you would like to take them to another room to avoid any distractions.

Good luck with the interview. I know you will do great!! Who knows better about your life than you. (;

Barb said...

Good luck! Maybe work on training "down" really well first? hehe.

We're going to give it a go for the MAPP classes in Jan. You're an inspiration for us!