Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More of the Same

So it's been a while since I checked in last-like 6 months or so. What's happened in that time? My FSH level has tanked. I"ve had a failed clomid/IUI cycle, a failed injects/IUI cycle, and a failed IVF cycle. And yesterday I found out that my second IVF has to be converted to an IUI because one follie took the lead and took over. The IUI is scheduled for Friday.

It will be IUI#6 and I was sure I wouldn't do another. I knew the cycle would be converted after my ultrasound on Wednesday when the tech told me I had a 21mm follie and a 12 mm follie. She said cheerily that the 21mm grew from 17mm the day before and is definitely the dominant follicle. Obviously, she didn't read the notes that said I was doing an IVF cycle or she wouldn't have been so cheerful. Having a dominant follicle is very bad in an IVF cycle because it means the other follicles will stop growing. You want to have as many follicles as possible for IVF. So I wasn't surprised when my RE called me personally on Wednesday night. She said I could choose IUI or to just cancel. I was going to cancel until she told me that she has had several patients get pregnant after converting to IUI from IVF. Now I feel like I have to do the IUI because I'll wonder if I blew my chance for a BFP if I don't. This all sucks so much! I was all set to be positive about this IVF and now I'm trying really hard to be positive about a procedure that's already failed us 5 times. Oh well, I guess the sixth time is the charm. Or something like that. . .

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