Friday, September 28, 2007

I Got Spermed

So today was IUI#6. That's right, count 'em. . .6 IUIs! The nurse told me to "Think happy pregnancy thoughts" as she was injecting the sperm-like I haven't before. I don't think she read that I had already done it 5 times. That's the problem with my clinic. They're a little impersonal. Last week, the u/s tech started worrying b/c she couldn't find my left ovary. I don't have a left ovary. It was removed in January.

I've decided to not live the next two weeks in TTC Land. I have to use progesterone suppositories, but I'm not going to worry about what I'm eating and/or drinking. I've been so good about not having alcohol, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, soft cheeses, processed meats, etc. during every two week wait and it hasn't made a difference-except to stress me out. Although, I'm avoiding caffeine and artificial sweeteners for health reasons, I'm not going to worry about the rest. I mean, how many women get knocked up and don't know it for more than two weeks and drink like lushes and eat whatever they want? I'm going to be one of them.

My beta is on October 12.


Heather said...

Good luck with this cycle!! I know how you feel about not being "good" during the two week wait. For so long I would cut out anything that was questionable. After awhile, I was like F-it! It's not helping anyway! Because seriously, people do things wrong ALL the time and get pregnant. Actually, it seems like the worse you are, the easier it is to get pregnant sometimes.

Babe* said...

Good luck!

As far as being good...I say do whatever makes you happy. Heather's right it does seem like the worse you are the easier it is to get pregnant.