Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dry and Not in the Dark

The basement didn't flood!  Woohoo!  The sump pump hole stayed full of water but it didn't overflow.  My dad brought a generator by in the morning and he and DH got the pump going just in case it rained more, which it did.  The power came on around supper time. 

DH bought about 10 flashlights so I won't have to use a honking bulldozer flashlight if the power goes out in the future. 


Erika said...

So glad your basement stayed dry! Especially glad you're power is back on.

Lost in Space said...

So glad you stayed dry.

I still love the visual of the honking bulldozer flashlight. And I now love that you used "supper". I had to convert to using "dinner" when we moved to CA.